The Path of the Priestess

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How the Goddess Got a Hold of Me.

Like I said, I was busy being a single mom and taking care of my son. I had a dream with Sekhmet when the lioness introduced herself in my dream. She altered the course of my life. The next day I was flipping through a magazine to Naropa University extended campus courses when I saw the Lioness-Sekhmet. There she was the Lioness and at that point, I knew her name, and I knew who she was and tears rolled down my eyes. There was an instructor offering Egyptian teachings in Alchemical healing with the goddess Sekhmet and I was called to study and take the three day course.I did not know how, but I knew I was going because this goddess was determined to have me be her priestess. In a few days I received the money I needed and in faith and trust I attended the event. My Alchemical Healing Training has begun. I had just finished a Alchemical Hypnotherapy training and the course of my trainings and teachers were emerging into my life and my transformation had began. Sekhmet's fires were begining to burn brightly.