The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding Teachers Along the Way.

Following the goddess guidance I attended a Alchemical Healing training and the introduction to the Egyptian Healing Art. I have always been Metaphysical and being a psychic sensitive child it has been with me always. I put together an altar as a young girl and somehow the great goddess was with me at a young age. I see now how all the pieces came together to create who I am today. I trained with a clairvoyant teacher who helped me to use my natural gift and of course my many hypnosis teachers who helped me begin the inner-work of purification to be the clear channel. Studying past life regression and the many healing modalities such as aura/chakra energy healing with spiritual guides. I wanted to know how to heal the spirit. I knew as a girl that crystals heal and studied crystal healing and sound. Then crystal healings and gridwork came. I understood the cycles of the moon and the ways of the wisewoman that many of my peers knew that it came to me naturally. Shamanism, Healing , Tarot it was all part of my life. It began as hobby so, I thought, but little did I know.
Before the goddess came Metatron the great Archangel who called me. I was off my path or awakening from my trance to deny my gifts and deny source energy. I wanted to be like everyone else-disconnected. Again, being metaphysical was very much, who I was even though I thought I was disconnected, but still reading a deck of Doreen Virtue cards, I kept getting Metatron card-who was this angel. I went to a local bookstore to look at spiritual books and going to the cafe walking past the local billboard of happenings-there before me the size of a huge poster was the Metatron card- who was the feature of a local channel in the area and there at this channel my reintroduction to spirit began. I knew I was to be a spiritual teacher because I have done it before in another life.It was not long after that "SHE" Sekhmet came to open my eyes and heart again.It seemed I was in the flow and following divine guidance and given one step at a time.